A new epitaph for Père-Lachaise

Sensitive, mystical Poët,

Your legacy lives on;

Stoned als petrified reptile

In the amber resin of your ageless words

Passionate images


Only sleeping in the spirit of your generation.

How peculiar a twist of fate comes awakening.

The virgin student fascinated by disc technology

Finds camaraderie among your lyrics.

A lost soul reaches for a book of library poetry

To discover forgotten passions in your verse.                           

A collage of celluloid impressions moves an observer

To search beyond for remembered truths.

Death has no hold on your ancient powers.

Your time has come again

Myth ignited into flame.

Dormant seeds of great vision

Have begun to burst and grow.

The second coming of a generation,

Older, wiser, the struggle for justice lost in

Decades of the struggle for paper.

The realization of selling out what was ones held most dear.

Footsteps caught in midair,

A sobering look back toward

A fork in the road of life.

We should have listened to forewarning

The delicate thread of the search for truth

Once again unites our legions.

Years of obligations and promises behind.

One by one we “get together one more time”,

Dare to light the candle of long ago dreams,

Lift the staff of courage, sincerity,

The thing that is right.

Small contributions by sheer numbers,

Our  dream of America – Proud, Free, Green

Seems less impossible.

 I wish you were here to see it…….     

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